Thursday, July 20, 2017

What Does It Mean - Part 2

Joseph Herrin (07-20-2017)

The total solar eclipse is set to pass through five state capitals on August 21. The solar eclipse begins over the Pacific Ocean and ends over the Atlantic Ocean. No other nation except the United States of America will be able to see the total solar eclipse.

There is definitely some message for America contained in this sign. The Lord put two major lights in the heavens to serve as signs, along with many others. What does it mean when the greatest light in the sky goes dark all across America?

Donald Trump has an extra turn in this celestial sign. He was a mere realtor and no one had any expectation he would be president one day back in 2007 and 2008. (No one besides the New World Order.) He was the owner of the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and the Miss Universe Pageant for nearly 20 years. In 2007 and 2008 a misstep sent a shock through the winner of the Miss USA Pageant. As she made the evening gown event at the Miss Universe Pageant she slipped on stage and two years in a row the contestant for Miss USA fell on her backside in the midst of women vying for the honor of being the next Miss Universe.

Donald Trump was the owner of the Miss USA Pageant during the time that these missteps took place. He was also owner of the Miss Universe Pageant in which the actual falls took place. It is odd how one contestant was dressed in black and the other in white. It is like they were two halves of the same person, each falling at the appointed time.

During the years we have had other signs of the coming collapse of America. We have had tornadoes. We have had tornadoes foretelling the loss of what is coming.

West Liberty, Kentucky Before

West Liberty, Kentucky After

West Liberty, Kentucky UMC Church Before

West Liberty, Kentucky UMC Church After

This was in 2012. Liberty, especially Christian liberty, took a very hard hit. A tornado even struck Washington. That is Washington, Illinois.

Washington, Illinois During

Washington, Illinois After

On November 12, 2013 a football game took place in Buffalo, New York. They stretched out a large flag of the USA on the field.

Everyone faced toward the flag as the national anthem played. They did not expect the next thing that happened. Suddenly the flag ripped in two.

In fact, much damage has been done to the US flag lately. They have split in two, caught fire, and fallen in a breeze while everyone was watching.

This last one was while the whole world watched. It was the awards ceremony for female tennis at the 2012 Olympics. Serena Williams had won the championship only to watch her nation’s flag fall to the ground. One doesn’t need to have it explained what these signs are indicating. Whether they took place five, ten, or fifteen years ago, America’s fate is certain. She will not much longer be a country of freedom and liberty. The horrors have caught up to her. The prognostications of her founding fathers will be seen.

Recently, a sister in Christ has sent me some stamps to use with my mail. They have a prophetic message. It is the first time that stamps like this have ever been made.

Don’t let anyone cease believing because something doesn’t occur on August 21, 2017. The date is a sign. It will occur. It may take some time before all her liberties are stripped away, but they will be. I encourage you to get out your solar shades on August 21 and watch. Spend time before and after praying for peace. Yahweh will honor the prayers of the righteous. If that doesn’t describe you then pray for mercy.

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